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WPGs Warrior Prayer Groups


Friends forming a group of prayer by e-mail



What it is

A group of 3 to 6 or so people praying for each other. Think of it as a prayer meeting cept by e-mail.

What to do

The director (me) forms the groups, gets you to know one another by sending out a survey of fun questions to answer. How can you pray with people you don’t know? We will also have each others e-mail addresses.

How it works

You e-mail me your requests by a certain day once or so a week. I will put them all together and send them out to the people in our group. Then, We will pray for the requests listed. You can also write out your requests and send it to everyone in your group. That way we can all agree with the prayers prayed. The reply to all button may work at this too. Not sure. I’ve never used it.

Get comfortable

Get to know each other and if there is an emergency, e-mail a request to us all anytime.


Whoever is interested in starting a group of their own (use your own friends) and needs more info. is also a great place to pray.