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A survey of Ashley’s answers to questions written by Ashley’s friends.

I am my own friend What to ask myself?

Name Ashley Janine Rinkenberger

Ashley Age 21

 Birthday February 17, 1984


Favorite time of year   Mid July to late Auguest is my favorite cause everthing is in its fullest and the new vegtables are ready to eat.  the violent hot wind sweeping across the lush green trees and long grass. I really like the smell of out side too. oh man!

Mas? No se ah! she speaks spanish!  And I like Dairy Queen. If I worked there? I would want to know everything.

David Hostetter Jr. What’s your favorite flavor of Jones Soda? I am not sure I have ever tried it before. I did go to the web site, and looked it up. Very interesting. Turkey and gravy soda, banana, and other great flavors. I think I would love to drink it. I'm not sarcastic. I'm serious.

Shalyn Rinkenberger Who do you say has the most influence on you? My Mom

What is your favorite song that you wrote? it changes every so often. right know its the one with the words, And I would perish please don't leave me behind. With what i want please use all of my time, etc. i love thee, you. nothing would ever do i hunger for you a who o. The tune is amazing!

Tim Mitchell Survey question 1. Are you a guy? Y or N? No, seriously. You are crazy.

Survey question 2. What is your favorite everyday product to buy? Orbit gum. winter green

Survey question 3. Is question 1. too personal to answer? Uhh... well... Considering the fact that I am a girl, it did startle me for a second.

Q's 1. How Long is your hair? I never though of measuring it. It is 12 inches from the scalp. Not so long, but I’m growing it out!

Q's 2 How short are you willing to cut you hair? (Multiple Choice) [ a. 1 inch ] [ b. 50% ] [ c. A buzz ] [ d. Down to the scalp ] I think d. is not my first choice but I would not mind of trying c. again for old time sake, do you think I would look good? I particularly like long hair, so b. 50% for me. And for you, who knows? Sure why not. Yes sir. probably and you are a boy!

Anna Haugen What’s your favorite food to make? This is a hard one. I like to make things from scratch. Taking usual recipes and changing the ingredients to make another flavor. Bread? Maybe. i like to make hard stuff. And things i've never made before. Authentic cultrual things are cool.  I mostly make main meals though and alot of hotdishes.

Would you go sky diving if you had the chance? Maybe... yes!

If you could travel back to any time or place in history, where would you go? I would love to be there and listen to Jesus talk. I would really like to be in the early 1700s or 1800s and have fun dressing the way they did and looking at all the old buildings and way of life. Especialy out west!

Leah Zierke 1. When and how did you come to know the Lord? I remember kneling beside my moms bed and praying with her when I was three years old.

2. How would you spend an entire day anywhere in the world, doing what ever you want to do? Go to a totally go for God as far as possible youth, young adult conference with all of my great friends.

3.What is your life verse? Ohh..... Matt. 22:37-40

4. Where do you picture yourself in ten years? Where? I will prob be 30 or so, Married. What country? What will I be doing? Ministry. Missions. To children and teenagers. Prayer, worship, etc.

Tony Noordmans  1.what color is the fungus under your toenails? Ahh, white I suppose.

2. Which way is up?Depending on how you are positioned, it could be straight ahead, left, right, down. You could be facing upside down. So it depends on you.

3. And which way is Heaven?" I heard heaven was all the way around the earth past the universe. But I would have to say that Jesus is the way. Jesus said in the book on John, "I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except by me."

Chris Rinkenberger   Who is your fav. cousin? You I presume.

 hehe... I’m just kidding.... here's the real  question...

If you had a million dollars what would you do with it? What would I do with it... hmm. Well, I would get me a very nice, expensive guitar. And a nice car. Then I would use the rest to go to language schools in Guatemala for Spanish, Greek, Sioux, German, French, Anything else. Learn to write books. Go to forerunner School on Ministry at Support some ministries. Take some trips to Russia, Alaska, Canada, Down the Amazon River and Brazil. Greenland. The ocean in California. Oh yeah, And get a computer. Sounds like fun.  Oh yeah, And travel around Minnesota and visit my friends. Not to mention go to quite a few more children 18:3 concerts.

so, what else?

Guys, (my friends) I really need more questions.